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5.3 update would be very helpful

I vote for a 5.3 update... because, there is also a new battleground (Deepwind Gorge) which is not working and there are still the errors in Warsong gulch and Arathi Basin.
...and as you said, the new scenarios which need to be added.

I also noticed the the Lorewalker quests (which you get in the same room as the new scenarios) mogoshan palace dont show up at all. They come up as "not in the database" with the brown selection button.
So to do any of the above, Carbonite must be disabled.

...and right now these are pretty much the activities im doing. So Carbonite would stay off most of the time.

Biggest problem is the Deepwind Gorge one though because I literally cant see where anything is, and as a result I cant go defend our resources, or steal the other teams resouces. I just kind of ride around on my mount til I stumble onto something relevant.

Thanks again for the awesome add-on. I seriously cant live without it.