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Originally Posted by immaturestudent View Post
And yes, I am one of those who used to pay for it, so I am justified in having a moan.
I'd just like to take a moment to point something out about this argument. Many users have stated either this or something very similar when voicing their particular concerns and/or opinions about Carbonite. It seems to be most often used around patch times or when any number of minor bugs or irritants happen to rear their ugly heads.

Well, guess what... Get Over It.

Blizzard instituted their addon policy around March of 2009. Read that again, March of 2009. Need proof? Here you go. Read it yourself. Shortly thereafter, Carbonite was forced to become a free addon or potentially become blocked by Blizz. Around that same time, Haavok and Faatal stated on the original forums they would honor at least the time that people had pre paid for. Which at the time, was up to one year.

Fast Forward to May 2013. Four years after Blizz instituted their addon policy, Three years after your original subscription time would have run out. The original Authors/Creators of the Carbonite you paid for are no longer working on it. They have released it under an Open Source License. The short and sweet of that little tid bit is that basically anyone, even you, can now take Carbonite and modify the code without repercussions provided you follow the License.

Now, Rythal has taken up the monumental task of recoding Carbonite. Instead of being thankful that someone has decided to step up, and continue the addon you enjoy so much, all you do is belittle the work and effort that has been put in. If a kind word or constructive criticism is so hard to say, then why bother saying anything at all?

Just my 2 cents. *also as a former user of the pay version.

And to Rythal,

Keep up the great work, most people that frequent these forums know that what you are doing and what you have already accomplished are a miracle to say the least. Thank you for your continued support and coding of Carbonite