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Thank you both for the replies. My initial thought was to have all that repeat code because as far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong, no less CPU/men efficient than making a shared function that goes through all the frames and does the same code anyway. It's certainly more unwieldy to look at that, and for that it will get changed. I just wanted to easily be able to go to a certain line of code for a certain frame and make tweaks before I became satisfied.

In regards to the aura if checks, I'll change that as well as the unnecessary _ variables.

As for the reason I didn't make my own tags in ouf. That code has to be put somewhere in the ouf folder, be it a tags file in my layout folder, or editing the ouf tags. while it would look cleaner if I just had tags in my layout, rather than functions and frame creations, it would ultimately be messy somewhere.

Tl;Dr is what I've done, minus the buff checking, any less CPU/men efficient, or just unsightly?

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