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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
You're not understanding.. LUI and MaorUI both are compilation suites. This means they are not an all-in-one UI. They have other authors addons packed into their compilation. The problems are lying with this more than likely.
Yes, i do understand but shouldn't the extra add-ons I use do the same thing to the elvui based ones?
And i asked say lui for instance! once the author updates and releases to the public shouldn't it be doing it for them? or is it something I do my end. And I mean use the UI as it is released not with any extras?
If an addon is poorly coded I hear for an example Loot Appraisal people saying it's poorly coded play up with an elvui set up.
Would it pay to go to the default UI and add my add-ons one by one till it does it, to make sure it's not one of those add-ons?
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