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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
If you start the game with just the addons you want to use, no ElvUI/LUI/MaoRUI, does the lagging still persist? You should download a bug tracker and install it as well. If the problem persists then you need to update the addons and look into the bug tracker to see if any of your addons are throwing up flags. If the lagging doesn't happen with just your choice of addons installed then there's an issue with a compilation you're trying to use.
Sorry with new years i have been away.
That's the thing i always have buggraber and bugsack and some uis that i have tried don't have any errors and still have the same problem.
That's why I posted here hoping someone might have a fix.
I know all about keeping addons up to date and add-ons that can cause problems so on.
So far only the elv ui ones don't have that problem.
Years ago i had the same problem but that was caused every time I went into a new zone and found out eg bazzoka chocolate and other data brokers used to cause it and was a simple fix but this modern one occur's all the time.
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