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How to adress ActionBar2 in a macro

I'm using /click macros. Since I ran out of regular actionbar space I'd like to use the additional ones. I know I can adress buttons on bar 1, 3-6 with names like "MultiBarRightButton" but what about actionbar 2?

There used to be BonusActionButtons but I think they have been abolished together with stances. They are definitely not on bar 2.
The keybinding interface has "Special Action Buttons" but, as far as I can see, those don't sit on any actionbar, definitely not on bar 2.

I read that actionbar 2 has the Action Slot IDs 13-24 but I don't know how to use them in a macro. Slots seem to always refer to equipment slots. http://wowprogramming.com/docs/api_types references actionID as an api type but without anything regarding macros. I found old macros from classic times that used something like /script UseAction(ActionID) but this is blocked nowadays.

What I want to do is equivalent to "/click actionID13; /click actionID14" - I'm not using spell names because every class has a different spell in those exact slots.

So how to adress ActionBar2Buttons in a macro?

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