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Originally Posted by H0PE View Post
... you reallize that lot of "junk" addons are there thats not even a requirement for the minimal package for that addon (if we talking about an interface addon that make your addon nicer).
.... Only the 5-10addons that is REALLY required should be in such a package. But people too bored or lazy to do that I guess.
Im not quite sure i understand your logic here. Your talking about in essence a minimalist type UI. Which is all well and good but you talk about it like its the ONLY way UI's should ever be packaged and that people who dont do that are either bored (?) or too lazy to do it right.

All depends on what the designer has in mind. Some are going for the minimal redesign of the basic look as you seem to be. Mazzle tries(and succeeds) at giving you a ton of information in a very well designed layout not to mention the easiest configuration system there is. It sets up based on what you want by answering some basic questions. No need to guess at addons or ask a ton of questions looking for something missing for those that dont follow the community closely.

Its a great package and worth the effort.

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