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BFA beta, how to create a new LFR group?


I've notice that the old method C_LFGLis.CreateListing doesn't receive anymore the title and description that you need in order to create a group, now the new parameters are:

C_LFGList.CreateListing(lfgID, itemLevel, honorLevel, autoAccept, privateGroup, questID)
Checking how it works in their LFR addon, the frame "Name" is defined as:

<EditBox parentKey="Name" secureReferenceKey="LFGListCreationName" securityDisableSetText="true" securityDisablePaste="true" inherits="LFGListEditBoxTemplate" letters="31">
I understand that now that "EditBox" is protected and we cannot set a text, so... is still possible to create a new group using their API? Is there another method I haven't seen?

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