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Well, i picked a night elf rogue as my first character. i got him up to level 11, got bored, and rolled horde. Next, i made Hanakabo, my mighty troll mage. I picked troll because he had a natural appeal to me, for whatever reason. Then, he got to 60, hit expansion, and 70 for the win. Now, i had this small, little level 11 undead rogue that i started as an alt but forgot. He was next on my priority. Now he is 70, with Gladiator gear and pwning in BG's. And finally, we have Healunz, my soon to be 70 Tauren druid. I picked tauren, naturally, because they were the only druid class. But after a while i grew to love his...giant...ness. And once expansion comes out, i hope to make Minionodeath, the death knight.
(I picked undead rogue because...an assassin of UNDEATH? Pure. Genius.)
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