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If I may

I have read literally hundreds of replies to this issue on these forums, my guild forums (shameless plug), the official WoW forums and on random blogs and message board strewn throughout the seedy underbelly of the internet.

Taken as whole, a clear theme emerges from this vast array of responses. Allow me to summarize some trends that I have noticed:

1) Those that are pro-UI change are:
A) Not a healing class
B) A healing class that feels inherently guilty for using something to help them heal/cleanse, somehow equating that to "cheating"
C) Players that do not understand that the API was opened up for us to use ON PURPOSE by Blizzard, to use in any way it allows us to. Many seem to feel that Decursive or Emergency Monitors are somehow illegal hacks of the game and have "just not been caught yet."
D) Fearful/unskilled of technology and are generally non-tech-savvy (someone mentioned the great percentage of raiders that cannot handle a zip file...that describes about half my raid)
E) People that presume spamming 3 buttons is somehow more skillful than using a mod to complete the task in 1.
2) Those that are anti/skeptical/dissappointed/saddened by these changes are
A) People with a very clear understanding of the WoW API, ie mod authors, highly tech savvy players
B) Hybrid healing classes
C) People that have only ever had mods to help them, equating them to essentially "built in" to WoW. Honestly, how many people have been around long enough to raid MC or BWL without CTRAID?
D) People that understand that the expansion represents a DECREASE in functionality over what is currently offered.
I was such a huge fan of WoW because it rewarded either of TWO types of inherent gaming skill:
1) Fast button mashing, lightening fast reaction time and the ability to track dozens of variables simultaneously
2) People who worked hard enough, and were smart enough, to code/utilize tools that allowed them the above skills with less manual effort, but MORE brain effort.

As you probably guessed, this all boils down to a "Work smarter not harder" mentality with me. My boss would not reward me for hand typing out 100 letters to our clients, one at a time. I'd probably get fired for the amount of time it would take me to do that. He would never come down to my office and say "Hey, because you manually typed all that and took longer doing it, you, sir, are a skilled employee." Instead, I have "mail merge" that allows me to customize 100 letters in a split second and send them out. I am rewarded for BEING TECH SAVVY and USING TOOLS to aid me in doing my job better.

This purist attitude that "real men whack-a-mole heal/cleanse" is a crutch for those that don't understand that UI customization is encouraged in WoW. When I, a paladin, outheals (with lowest overheal) most of my priests and druids in a raid, I cannot help but feel disappointment that they are not playing their classes to their full capacity.

Sorry if this post got a little troll-y. Overall, I'm very impressed with the maturity and intelligence of this forum thread! Keep it up!

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