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Originally Posted by Tuller
I'll strawman this by saying, "Well you must think bots are perfectly fine, then." I don't expect you to agree with that opinion, and that's where you draw the line between the player actively playing the game, and a computer doing it for him or her.

I draw the line at when the computer actively decides who to target and what to cast. Automating that part of the game removes the player from doing any real strategic thinking in a raid (Who needs to have a curse right now? Do I remove this curse, or this poison effect first?). To say that Decursive should exist because removing curses is a boring job doesn't really solve the problem, now does it? Sure, I'm pressing less keys, but now I'm simply pressing one key over and over without any thought. It does not seem all that fun to me. Why not just make removing curses a more fun mechanic, instead?
Though I think you're baiting a little with the bot logic up top your final point of "Why not just make removing curses a more fun mechanic, instead" is truely the right direction I think we're all hoping, nay PRAYING, for Blizzard to consider. Make it fun in ANY way and I'll be the first to wave goodbye to Decursive.

As to "curing" being a skill, we all basically cure by class priority. Set that in Decursive and spam that button. There's really no difference in spamming mouse clicks centimeters from each other (if you drag classes out on your screen like i do) or pounding the "cleanse" key on the keyboard. Skill in this game falls into situations like "recognizing a fake heal early in a duel with a shammy in order to save your repentance for later in the fight" and NOT "i'll manually target myself with my mouse and hit my cleanse key because that is what skilled players do."

You mention that using Decursive "does not seem all that fun to" you. What decursive allows is a relegation of the tedium of cleansing to the back, while allowing you to actually have fun doing other things like healing, watching the raid, moving, anticipating, bandaging, BoP'ing (in my case), etc. I think that is the crux of most pro-Decursive arguments: "Curing is a broken mechanic of the game and the community fixed it."

Makes me wonder how many players Decursive kept from going insane, effectively extending their WoW careers. Both interests won: Blizz keeps a paying customer longer and paying customer enjoys playing longer. Just check Krimson's post a few up for a testimonial. I have to agree with him. If I had to do Chromagg manually...oh...oh god...no...oh god no...

But it all boils down to the fact that I will get over it and I have faith that Blizz will rework this aspect of the game with 25 man encounters. I do think they should have included a very descriptive write up of the changes to curing encounters alongside the "all your auto target are belong to us" blue post.

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