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Originally Posted by seyan777 View Post
The main object of this thread was to ask:
  • whether such question is acceptable to be asked or not on WoWI
  • if there's any designer interested in creating artworks for me (of course with a payment if needed)
  • if there's any community (or website) that I could out source(?) such artwork (again, of course with a payment on demand)
You are definitely allowed to hire someone or multiple people to do paid work for you. You also already acknowledged and know that you are not allowed to charge people to use said software if you decide to distribute it to the public.

There are quite a few really nice graphic designers when it comes to interfaces lurking here on the forums but, as to them having the time to do the work for you who knows. Depending how generous the artist would be you could be looking at a small fee or hundreds of dollars. The programming of it of course would be no walk in the park and those fees are going to rack up too.

As for outsourcing.... I've seen some nice interfaces on sites such as the Unity Asset Store that I've bought as well as decent stuff on GraphicRiver. Keep in mind if you go the Unity route you'll have to download the Unity client and figure out how to export the assets. Both sites give your assets in psd format. Neither site provides help with coding and I really can't point you in a direction to look for help with that.
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