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After reading what I wrote I think I didn't get myself clear (blame my English writing skills). I have my player frame and target with self.Debuffs and self.Buffs set. Is it possible to add a display somewhere of the same buffs and debuffs but filtered in some way? i.e., like displaying twice the buffs on my player/target frames but in different ways.

EDIT - I wasn't using the .Auras so I'm trying to achieve what I want using that.

But to make it clear what I wanted previously it was a way to, for example create a .Auras2. Imagine I have on player frame > self.Auras (bla bla bla). How easy is to have a different set of Auras, like for player frame again: self.Auras2, bla bla bla? :P

I don't know If I'm making myself clear. I don't know how .Buffs, . Debuffs or .Auras are create I assume they are some sort of Overrides of Blizzard ones? If they would function like a Type it would be easy to create more Frames of that type (if that makes any sense).

Anyway I think I can get there by using .Auras.
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