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I Kinda achieve this using oUF_AuraBars as example. I tried to implement it using the Aura system more instead of reading all the aura info and dumping into a vector, anyway I will try to rework it sometime in the feature.

oUF_AuraBars haven't been updated to 1.4 and this way I have it working.

Anyway I ran into a problem that is driving me nuts.

The problem is when I deselect my current target the Bar Timers still remain up. They are no longer updated but they remain on the screen till I switch to another target or re-target the same unit.

I thought of in the update function to check for if self == target and if unitexists(self) and if not hide the bartimers frame, but it's not working. :S

Could anyway give me some help on how to achieve this and why I'm failing?

My oUF Code is here: http://code.google.com/p/lumenui/sou.../oUF_lumen.lua

It starts on line: 1173.

I tried this to hide when the targer doesn't exist:

  -- Trying to Hide the frames if Target doesn't exist
                if(self == 'target' and not UnitExists('target')) then
                        for index = lastIndex, #bars do

My oUF Layout: oUF Lumen
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