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Loot hover info window problem?

I am having a problem with the window that pops up giving info on items when hovering over the item icon in the roll window. I don't know if this is an nUI or a Blizzard issue, but what happens is if I hover over an item icon in the loot roll window I get the info window popping up for the briefest fraction of a second and disappearing again before I can see the info. If I hover over the loot item icon in the new roll history window sometimes it does the same thing and sometimes it doesn't, but if it does show the info window properly in the roll history window, then thereafter if I hover over the item roll window icon again the info window will appear as expected. This makes checking items for rolling in DG and raids a little difficult as I have to faff around a bit before being able to roll, and end up wasting time.

Any info would be helpful, even if it's just to say it's a Blizzard issue and can't be fixed right now.