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Well I get glyph lock down from GrimUI with just GrimUI running. But get this.... if i remove all addons but GrimUI (DBM, Baggins, AshranBuddy, MSBT, Capping, umm one or two others) i get nothing in the taint log. Go figure. But with all addons running my addon appears to taint lots of things. All of which are things where it is putting something into the global space as apposed to being localized to that file or to the addon. Localizing it seems to drop it from the taint log but not everything in the list can be localized. Or maybe another way to go at this is... What could possibly cause the glyph frame to lock down? Originally I targeted my frame mover code and removed all of its interaction with the glyph frame but that did not stop it. I have no idea what i could have messed with that would have anything to do with the glyph frame. Ironically it is one of the few frames in the game i have not modified in some way. And No i did not mess with the two tabs attached to it either. lol.

Also just to clarify. Taint is what causes combat lockdown right? So somewhere some taint of some kind or another from one thing or another is responsible for the glyph lockdown correct? Or am I way off base? I just dont understand how My addon could be causing lockdown on the darn glyph frame....
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