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Originally Posted by siweia View Post
local name, texture, count, debuffType, duration, expiration, caster, isStealable = UnitAura(unit, index, filter)

You can filter the auras by debuffType and isStealable.
Oh okay! Do you mean by doing this ingame? during a raid? I am trying to hardcode the list with all the dispellable debuffs from bosses in bfa. So what i am doing in my addon is that i have a predefined list with debuffs, and i am basically checking ever unit in my raid group if that unit has any of the debuffs in my hardcoded list. So this list is already made before addon runtime! I already have the code made for searching the players, i just need an efficient way to gather all debuffs from the raid bosses so i can make my list beforehand =)

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