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Originally Posted by LBXZero View Post
I think the problem is not our code. The problem is that you need to add an xml file and create a base frame for your addon so you can make use of the "OnLoad" and "OnEvent" scripts. Certain instructions don't work if they are called too early.
I see. That's way to advanced for me(?) so I probably just stick with my old script. Even if it causes taint. What is taint even? Can it affect my performance, fps- and input lag wise?

I found this old thread, with exactly same problem:

He found solution in bottom, but I don't understand the post - I think he used MoveAnything addon and changed some code in that addon. Seems like he used "ArenaPrepFrame1" and not "ArenaEnemyFrame1".
Maybe it's a solution, to use ArenaPrepFrame instead of ArenaEnemyFrame?

Btw I know there's an addon called "sArena" that is basically default arenaframes with some options. But it's missing some options that I want.
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