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As the post says... your screen size divided by the "target" screen size...

so the default hScale would be 1680 / 2560 = 0.65625 and the default vScale would be 1050 / 1600 = 0.65625

Since 1680 / 1050 = 1.6 then the vScale is modified as 0.65625 * 0.95 = 0.6234375

So.... hScale = 0.65625 and vScale = 0.6234375 would be the starting point to make the screen look the way it does by default. Then to make the UI smaller still, you would have to make those values smaller... start by decreasing them both by the same amount until the size is about where you want it, then tweak the vScale up or down to make it taller or shorter until the square buttons are square again, etc.

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