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Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
When asking help with code, please avoid the phrases "not working correctly" and "getting an error".

Instead of declaring the code "not working correctly", you need to be specific with what you want the code to do and what it is currently doing. Instead of saying "getting an error", you need to copy and paste the error wherever you're asking for help.

After reviewing your code, it should delete Cured Ham Steak and Raw Black Truffle from your bags while you are logged into a Mage, but it will leave those items alone while on any other character. It should also open the following items: Scum Covered Bag, Green Hills of Stranglethorn - Page 20, Small Barnacled Clam, Thick-shelled Clam, Big-mouth Clam, Soft-shelled Clam, and Iron Bound Trunk.

Is that what you want? Did you want to save those items on your Mage but delete them on other characters? Why do you want to open a Stranglethorn page? Did you verify the 10th return of GetContainerItemInfo is an actual item ID and not 0 or nil? Why are you using f as a variable twice?
So sorry for forgot to mention the exactly problem is,
i want to delete the items with X when i play Mage, but it doesnt delete it when i play mage.
i did check all item ids and all fine.

it was a mistake for using f as a variable twice, the first f was short for classfilename(correct f to filename now.).
run some test later, should be work now.

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