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Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
Please, don't cast stones unless you, yourself, have never failed to meet the expectations of others.

Neither you nor I know what is working in his heart, mind, and spirit. Don't be so quick to judge.
My beef is not with the fact that the good man has other priorities in his life. Nor with the fact that he didn't find the time to patch his addon. We can't expect him to jump at every minor patch, especially since he's not actively playing the game anymore.

My problem is with the way he reacted. Basically saying: 'the addon is mine and get your filthy hands off it'.

Rythal has done nothing to take away any credit from the original devs. Nor has he ever claimed any rights to the addon or any changes he made. he even encouraged people to donate to the original authors.
He was purely trying to help out, and has made very many Carbonite users very happy in the process. He is the reason people are still using Carbonite after the patch, because without his changes, it was useless.

And the response of the original authors to this hard work of his is: 'get your grubby hands of my addon, i'm undoing all the (good) work you did and release my own buggy version instead.' Now THAT is what I have a problem with.

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