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Originally Posted by skyesfury View Post
According to the website, he forfeited "rights" to it last year.

And no one here is demanding he works on it whether he wants to or not. We have issue with how he treated Rythal. If you were loading groceries into your car and some stranger willingly assisted you and then politely put the buggy/shopping cart into the holding area, would you chew him out because "THOSE IS MY GROCERIES!"? That's what the authors did to Rythal. A free fan update, with Rythal saying "please don't send me money, send it to the proper authors", to which the proper authors then told him he's a d*ck. Authors, I might add, that A) don't even play WoW anymore and B) don't even keep up with the news about patches. I'm always amazed that someone can find a way to defend such abhorrent behavior.

You can't play "hands off" when you're talking about the way the authors treated Rythal. Just not the way things work.
First of all, the authors have stated that they will tell the community when they give up their rights on the add on - not a minute before than do they "forfeit" their rights. If you are trying to talk about the copyright/trademark, go to the appropriate thread and debate it there (good luck).

Next - your grocery statement makes no sense in this situation. Rythal was very honorable in how he dealt with the fan update and continued to deal with it. The authors restated their opinion that they didn't want anyone working on their material, as is their right. For example, Blizzard has WoW - if people create a private server and load WoW on and add things into the game or modify - this is not something blizzard wants to see and they have every right to tell people not to do it. Yet, do we see a huge outcry from everyone here saying Blizzard is mean and is a <insert your expletives here>.

Lastly, I'm always amazed how many people with horrid behavior and entitlement attitude show up on these forums immediately after a patch and start demanding things or are surprised by the authors. I find no fault with what they said - they have not named (or called out) Rythal and have not berated him like everyone seems to make it out to be.