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Script commands for every sound (updated for Wrath 3.1)


Basically it's a zip file got a collection of text files in it. 2 of those 2 text files contain /script commands to play most any sound in game. If it was in the MPQ files then there should be a /script command to play it in game !

To use just use a decent text editor to do a Find on either "3_1_sounds.txt" or "wow_sounds_includingwrath_FINAL.txt"

For some reason it doesn't work if you open it in NotePad. Please use something else like Word or Wordpad. If I could figure out a way to save it on my mac so it is in a form you can open in NotePad I would. I'ld also need to upload it from work , as that's the only accessible PC I can get too.

So questions ? Comments ? Advice ?
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