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Originally Posted by Gemini_II View Post
Whether you love Curse or hate it, you have to respect them as a business. I'm not fond os the website layout but will use their updater. And I won't ***** that it has adds, or is slow either; because it's free. No one has the right to complain when it's free. I still support Curse and WoWI in this. They pay the bills so why should WM get a free ride?

Imagine going to Wal-mart to find some cheap clothes, and you find out later that they have been stealing boxes from Sears and Bay trucks and selling them. Wouldn't Wal-mart lose a whole lot of respect in most people's eyes? Similar scenario.

Those are the kind of petty comments that a professional business generally doesn't make.

I can heer WM's QQ's threw teh interwebz
Flawed logic because you cant truly steal something that was free in the first place.

It's more like three clothing outlets all with a similar clothing line. Two are paying for shipping while the third is just having his stuff delivered on the same trucks and saving on shipping.

Not saying it is right, compensation and an agreement should be made.
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