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Originally Posted by Lykofos View Post
That was sarcasm.

However the meat of that statement: WM does not provide any tools for AddOn authors other than a means of distribution. However both Curse and WoWInterface both provide a means of distribution, a version control system (this is a biggie for authors as this allows them to keep track of changes to their code), forums to solict user feedback and bug reports, plus a place for the Author to showcase their AddOn. All WM offers is a way to move the mod and to see it in an updater. There is no place to showcase the mod, no tools to help the developer, no forums for the developer to interact with his/her users, in short no compelling reason for an Author to use WoWMatrix.
Heh... I understood the sarcasm. I did not understand what specifically what they were implying though.

Forums and feedback are most beneficial to users, not authors, unless the addon wasnt free.

Showcasing is just more time the author has to spend explaining what their addon does and why it does it. While some may enjoy this process, many do not seem to care either way.

Version control system? I wouldn't see this as being much of a problem but I will take your word for it.

User interaction is seems to be at the bottom of authors list. In fact, many authors have stopped making plugins simply because people left negative or hurtful feedback. Most recently, the author of Outfitter WAS going to stop releasing public updates for this exact reason.

Reasons to use WoWMatrix ... it's lite, simple and quick. The author information is displayed and they added a donation popup so you can easily contribute directly to the author.

Really, I don't support anything here other than an easy-to-use updater. The fact that I believe WoWMatrix is mostly because of the information I have seen. I haven't seen information that has definitively proven one side or another. Until a time when that can be done, I will support whatever updater saves me time and enables me to just hop on and play the way I want for an hour or less. The minutes I save having to update 30-40 mods is better spent going to the spending time with my loved ones or going to the gym.
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