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Originally Posted by Amenity View Post
Ok, this argument I can understand. Sort of. You kinda argue against yourself here:
Exactly. It's Blizzard's own work that's causing their own cursors to be overridden by ones I put in an additional file. By comparison, addons do this intentionally all the time with no ill will.
I'm leaving out parts of the story on purpose, since this is an official Blizzard Fan Site, and the mods would be obligated to delete any post detailing how model edits work. Patch MPQs that modify geometry or other client data require hacks be run alongside WoW to fool the game into using them. The MPQ package is what might confuse Warden, Blizzard's cheat detector. The things Warden looks for change frequently and without warning too, so I would still be wary of overriding MPQs.

If you don't think you'd be heard in the Suggestions forum, you might want to try the UI Developer's Suggestions and Questions thread on the UI & Macro forum. I like to imagine that Slouken still reads it.