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Originally Posted by Amenity View Post
Uhh...yeah. I don't even think GM Island exists anymore. Come to think of it, I haven't seen a GM character in-game since before BC came out (last time I can remember was somewhere around AQ).

Anyway, if this were true then Warden would ban me if I made a blank .MPQ with nothing in it and tossed it into my data directory. Hell, it wouldn't even have to be a "real" .MPQ...I could just write "SKEET" 450,000 times in a .txt file and rename it to "SKEET.MPQ" and get banned.

I don't think so.
GM Island is still around. You usually don't see GMs as many of them operate in invisible mode as they have a lot to do, there are not that many GMs compared to players and the GMs don't need distractions from players. GMs do operate remotely (usually via the ticket system) as they have the commands in their GM clients to deal with many situations remotely. However they do appear from time to time when their physical presence is needed.

And yes, if you made a blank MPQ with nothing it, it will be picked up by Warden and the account flagged. If you want to play tag with Warden, go ahead, it's your account.
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