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[quote=rmhawk;126751]1- When i minimize the WoW screen to go to my desktop then go back to full screen, my bars are all messed up, have to /nui rl to get it back to normal[/qupte]

This is a known issue and a long standing bug in WoW, not nUI (or any other mod affected by it) -- read the known issues sticky in the bug reports section for more info on it.

2- Cannot move the Bag bar. The bubble moves but the frame itself doesnt.
Also a known issue that affects some users and not others and one that I'm working on. For some users, fwiw, you can move the bag bar, lock the bars back down then do a '/nui rl' and the UI will redraw with the bag bar in the right place. Doesn't work for everyone though.

3- player/target mana and hp bars often go black. Have to /nui rl to get it back to normal
Probably related to #1 above.

4- When switching duel spec, from one spec to another, the bars change to the appropriate spec bar, but sometimes spells are missing in the bars and need to be reapplied.
Hmmm... not sure if this is a nUI bug or a WoW bug with the new dual spec system. I'll add it to my list of things to watch. Just know that nUI does not manage what is on your action bars, WoW does.

5- I noted my chat settings were not saving, kept having to reset them
Do you have any other problems with settings not saving when you reload? Which chat settings are not being saved? Can you change nUI options with the slash commands and reload and have it remember them? Are you using any mods that may in any way alter the chat frame? This is another of those issues where nUI does not save your chat settings... WoW does.

6- When the HUD is on, i would get 2 and sometimes 3 casting bars on my screen, disabled HUD to get this to stop
Ummm... huh? nUI has one cast bar for the player and one cast bar for the target. Period. Can you post a screenshot of this?

Thats all i can think of atm....I noted that the biggest problem is when switching from full screen mode to surf your desktop. When i put WOW back in full screen mode, the UI is all messed up. /nui rl fixes it tho
Thanks for the feedback... it is much appreciated. I'll look into the action bar thing with dual spec and see if I can figure out what's going on.

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