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Red face Change bar texture on Personal Resource Display

Hi! I'm looking for a very simple addon (no UI overhauls) that just lets me change the bar textures on the new Personal Resource Display.

I was pointed in the direction of Plater but unfortunately that only lets you change the texture of the health bar and not the Energy/Mana/etc. bar in addition to changing more stuff than I'd like.

The addon I'm looking for should be as simple as changing a couple of variables, and I don't need any UI for it since I can set the specific texture manually in the .lua. I tried doing this myself but since I have no knowledge of WoW modding I didn't get much further than creating a .lua file I did dig around and find a couple of relevant variables (functions?) by trial & error editing inside the Plater .lua.

Lua Code:
  1. ClassNameplateManaBarFrame:SetStatusBarTexture (texture)
Sets the Mana/Energy/etc. texture and
Lua Code:
  1. ClassNameplateManaBarFrame.ManaCostPredictionBar:SetTexture (texture)
Sets the texture of the "how much mana your current cast will cost you" bar. This only changes the texture when you cast a spell, not when you use an instant attack. For a real life example, if I use my Monk and cast Effuse then the bar looks fine.. but if I cast Tiger Palm then I get the old texture in the "afterglow" energy spent effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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