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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
First off .. a link worth visiting and looking at the introduction pages and then start with something simple.

You can use xml or lua to create texture objects.
These are the pages that explain the different elements to create a texture for a frame


Start with those and make sure you look at SetPoint ( Anchoring ) to place the frame on the screen in relation to another frame.

There are options to Hide() and Show() any frame but they can't be done during combat without special secure code access, I don't think you're ready for that quite yet but you can use it for non combat testing just to see how it works. SetAlpha(1) will make the frame visible and SetAlpha(0) will make it invisible with numbers between variable transparency.

Take your time and slowly expand your knowledge as and when you find the need/wish.

I'm sure others will provide what knowledge they have to assist you in more detail but Vruls response is a good starting point to expand on.
Thank you for the link! Will come in handy ^^
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