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Question Fitzcairn's Explain-o-Matic offline?

Over the last week I've been helping a World of Warcraft newcomer by introducing him to the world of addons and assisting him with installing the Ajour addon manager along with some of the most popular mods like Bartender and Leatrix Plus.
In the process I told him about Macro Toolkit; a personal favorite of mine - I utilize a lot of macroing and I enjoy spending time experimenting and testing the limits of optimization...
To help him get started I recommended him to install Macro Toolkit as well as giving him the link to "Fitzcairn's Macro Explain-o-Matic" - the best tool available for learning how macros work as well as constructing new and/or more complex macros.

Last night, when I went to www.macroexplain.com I was met with a "Server Error" message...

I don't know how long the site has been unavailable, and I haven't been able to find any announcements or information from the author on the issue. I was wondering if anyone inhere has any information on whether or not the site is down permanently or if it's a temporary thing?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with info to share!

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