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Originally Posted by ChaosInc View Post
The email is unreliable, sorry to say. I've lost count how many times I've checked in to find my update number glowing yet never receive an email. Another issue that comes up is different version numbers for the same addons on different sites. As suggested it's simply best to pick an updater and stick with it.
The addon update emails apparently look like they are dripping with evil things to email providers. I had to specifically add the [email protected] to my safe list (even though I had @wowinterface.com already added) AND even when I get these emails that I have specifically approved to receive I still get this red warning banner across the top of the email saying -

This message looks very suspicious to our SmartScreen filters, so we've blocked attachments, pictures, and links for your safety.
If only it were so aggressive with the ACTUAL phishing emails pretending to be Blizzard....

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