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The regulars would know my updating of addons attitude

IE I'm a lazy SOB who will only update an addon if it's spewing Lua errors all over my UI. (*)

If it ain't broke why worry about fixing it ? Yes I know authors like to make updates for bugs and even to add features. I salute and respect them for that.

But I'm not really in a habit of updating my addons every single time I play. Sometimes I can go for a month without updating. Yeah I'm Lazy .... really Lazy (sorry hard working addon authors)

Nothing untowards has happened from me ignoring my addon email updates mail box for too long. At most it's a error or 2 logged in my BugSack updates that doesn't lag me out

(*) Or if the author lists something that sounds cool in the change log. Or if I need to test it for some reason.
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