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Thanks for the reply!

The macro solution is what I'm actually doing right now, but it has its problems as well. It leads to a near endless elseif chain of mouseover conditions for all and any unitIds I would like mouseover functionality to cover. Even still, it doesn't fix the annoyance of sometimes hovering over those units' character models and accidentally applying whatever spell that way. It gets even worse with multiple [harm]ii;[help]jj macros. Alternatively, I could use different keybinds for different units for the same spell, but that is just a no-no.

Surely I could just create a bunch of override keybinds for different scenarios (raids, BGs, arenas etc), but it is a messy solution at best. What I would fancy is a [@unitFrame] conditional, which would solve all of my problems, but since it doesn't exist, I'm trying to create it kind of artificially.

I know what I'm trying to do isn't an easy or class wide universal solution either, but I feel like this is as close to the root problem (=not having a @unitFrame condition) that I can get. Evidently it isn't that simple to achieve, and I understand it may seem excessive, but I'm willing to put in the hours to make it work. And after all, I would like to learn new stuff ^^

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