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I dont want to create another topic since my old is still 1st so maybe you will be able to help me with this too:

Poison Macros:


/use [button:1,mod:shift]Crippling Poison;[button:2,mod:shift]Wound Poison;[button:1]Instant Poison;Deadly Poison

/use [button:1] 16; 17

/click StaticPopup1Button1

I have an idea how to make it even cooler - I want macros to start a countdown timer ( 1 hour ) after Ive applyed poison ( after 1st cast )

and after timer expires it would send me a message like /w me Poisons gone

It must start count again if I for exampe applyed another kind of poison within hour.

I saw countdown in macroses already so it looks possible.

Just need some1 smart to make it ^^
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