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Originally Posted by Meorawr View Post
It's mostly because I went from ~10 people giving consistent amounts of feedback to about a thousand giving bug reports and general complaints. I do read basically every comment, so it was significantly slowing me down in fixing issues.

Clearly the releases weren't as ready as I'd hoped, so I just took them down so I could work on them without needing to consistently delay any work on bugfixes and future updates. It doesn't help that Curse's comment system is absolutely horrible in terms of replying - if I reply to a comment on page #2 it'll take me back to page #1. Kind of gets annoying when dealing with page numbers of 7+

I'll try and get back to regular preview releases for feedback purposes in a few days time.
I'm sad. You should've kept going with what you were doing; it was a really good, powerfully configurable interface that people just needed to get used to.

I made a how-to video that I would love to link here but trying to do so embeds the damn thing wtf, search youtube for "world of warcraft - how to use power auras in patch 5.0"--it's long but aims to fully re-teach people how to use Power Auras from the ground up. I was going to spread it farther but when I went to look for the link to put with the video, I find out about all this. Baw.

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