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Pre-made UI as individual addons

I came across the ElvUI addon configuration, which I know is an extension of TukUI. I am looking to make my own UI based around many of the elements shown in this screenshot.

My question is this, Can someone help point me in the direction for addons which will do what each of the highlighted ones do? I already have some ideas for some of them.

Unit Frames: I currently use STUF Unit Frames and I think it will be able to pull off a close enough look to the ones in the screenshot.

Raid Frames: Same thing, STUF should be able to handle it.

Chat: I currently use Chatter but I'm also familiar with Prat so I assume either of these can handle the config however I need it to be.

Powerbar: I am not familiar with an addon for this so any advice on this one would be appreciated.

Castbar: I will use quartz for this.

ActionBars: Bartender 4 should be great for this

DataText: I am looking for help on finding a DataText addon. I used to use SLDataText but I don't think it's up to date anymore. Any help on finding a good replacement would be awesome.

Omen & Recount: Will just be using these same addons.

Bigwigs: Will just be using DBM as my personal preference

Buffs: I will use Raven

Buffwatcher: Whats a good addon to do this?

That should be about it... Thank you for anyone who read all the way and has some suggestions.

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