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UFs & Raid: yes, Stuf can do this. You can even set up that border on each element as it is in your screenshot.

Chat: Yep. You can use those. I suggest Fane for the chat tabs. You'll then need to set up a panel behind them using kgPanels or LitePanels.

Power Bar: I assume that that is the Alternate Power Bar which you get in some boss fights. I don't recall if Stuf can handle this or not, but there are several addons you can pick from.

Castbar: Quartz will work fine, though there are many alternatives as well.

Actionbars: To get the cooldown displayed as a number, I believe you'll need an addon for that (unless BT does that now...) OmniCC is the most popular.

Data Text: Have a look through LDB addons or standalone addons. There's an SLDT fan update if you wish to stick with that, or other addons will do most of what SLDT did. Or you could get a LibDataBroker (LDB) display and plugins for that.

Buffwatcher: I assume that this is to keep buffs up on yourself and others? There are many to choose from. I use Cork. There's also SmartBuff, BuffWatch++, BuffWatcher, etc.


If you want the class timers, there are different choices. Most are in this category, I think.

If you want nameplates, you'll need one of these.

To skin the buttons in Bartender, use Masque (formerly ButtonFacade) or rActionButtonStyler. There are many skins to choose from for each.

To change your fonts, see here.
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