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nUI Greatest wow addon since vanilla DIY But...

I know back in vanilla, A change was made to addons preventing in-combat changes to the UI, so I dont know if my issues are because of this change, I don't know what to call these issues so had little success in forum searches.

When I/target get a buff/debuff Hovering over the buff/debuff does not display its tooltip, Ive recently returned to wow after a 7 year break, and really need that info sometimes.

When I get a loot drop, commonly I cant get the tool tip by Hovering the mouse over the image, but moving my mouse around the image (usually lower left of image) Brings up the tooltip, But I have a 5 - 10 pixel horizontal sweet spot and 50 - 100 pixel vertical sweet spot, making it fairly difficult to display the tooltip.

Ive got around the second issue by installing a secondary loot addon that tells me weather the item is an upgrade for my spec. However, Id rather just have nUI if possible.

The Buff/debuff problem, I don't want to install another add on, my nUI buff/debuff display is perfect, any help/advice on this one would be really appreciated.

I figured maybe it was the same "off picture" problem as the loot, but I cant for the life of me find the sweet spot on buffs/debuffs (Bearing in mind this problem only occurs in combat as well, can see buffs/debufs tooltips fine ooc)

I Have read allot about the missing "special" bars on boss's this is a pain, hope you can find the issue and fix it soon, Its actually two different bars blizz uses, that don't display, Im sure you know this, But I love nUI so much, I just die in ultra (Impossible without cast bar) and limp through the odd difficult boss.

And last issue Ive found. I run auctionator, the only feature ive found that nUI dosn't have, and I feel i need, But it has a lua error couple times an hour with nUI running, none when I disable nUI, anyone else run auctionator?

Regardless, Epic addon, and on my next wow monetary rotation, I will add nUI to the bill list. Can't say enougth good things about nUI.

Increased my fps, smooth look, easy to read chat, when it breaks, its repaired overnight, Epic is an understatement, probably wouldn't have had the 7 year break if I had it in vanilla.