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Adding because it's new patch problems that fit the title...

All of my addons are turned off, forced Carbonite and Fluidframes (for screen organization). These were tested without Fluidframes as well.

* The New Worg/Oracle pet/childrens week quests are not listed. (I submitted a ticket to see if this was meant to be an extra childrens week, no response yet)

* Can't abandon quests. It makes the sound like it "clicks" twice, but never gives the option to abandon.

* Once you open the social window, closing it over and over will eventually result in a "blank" window. There seem to be a few extra calls now that aren't needed.

No lua errors I've seen, but I don't have it showing normally, and I had to disable everything to log on anyway. I think I've seen another bug or two, but I can't remember them right now - I'll post more as it comes to me.