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Originally Posted by suddenphoenix82 View Post
I believe this is what Wally is referring too. Some quests (usually heroics, dungeons, etc) under my quest tracker are preceded with a red radio dot, instead of white. When the white dots are clicked on, it tracks the quest on the map so you know where to go, no issues here. The red dots, mean that the quest objective is not in database. For example, quest #85H - Booty Bay Interests, Zul'Gurub Stone, is not in the database, but all the other normal quests are. I have disabled all and enabled one addon at a time, including loading out of date addons and found that the problem occurs when Carbonite 5.1.6 is selected. You can still complete the quest, however it is a hassle because you are constantly having to look at your map and hope you find what it is you are looking for. I have been updating my addon weekly, however the updated date never changes (still says March 16/13). Carbonite is the only addon service I use, and until now have never had any issues. Help!!!



Rythal and I talked about this one time, try emptying your cache. I know it sounds ridiculous but it works. I found this out when i used NPC Scan. I made my creature cache read only so every time I play I have a blank creature cache. Well the same thing works for the quest database. Which in turn helps Carb figure out quest locations etc.

Unless of course Im commenting about the wrong thing entirely, it's possible tonight since I'm about 9 beers into a case right now lol.
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