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When I found NUi in teh addons, I thought it was the greatest thing on earth. I never donated, I never said thank you. That doesnt mean I took it for granted. I read every email that Scott has sent out. January of this year, I stopped playing WOW. The game has just gone down hill. Blizzard catering to too many whiners, everyone wants to be able to kill everything by themselves, no more teamwork needed. Anyway, that's my personal belief. At no time while reading any of Scott's emails, did I ever feel that I had to pay to get the addon. When the email came for the support for ec0-geeks(dont flame me for getting it wrong), I was not offended. You see lots of this on TV where they ask thier viewing audiences to make a small donation, or on telethons. Anyway. I ignored that email after reading it. I wasnt playing WOW anymore, so meh. When I read about people flaming him, I was upset, and thought it was crazy. It didnt make any sense. I went over to the eco-geeks page and made an anonymous donation, didint want anythign in return, just felt bad about him being flame and it gave me an opportunity to give back for the hard work he has put into his addon.
It is sad thatthe community has reacted this way, the few anyway. From what I have read on NUi's site about obtainign the addon, it no way compels you to pay for it at all.
If you dont like the way someone does business, dont do business with them. So simple.
And Scott, good work, and I salute you for still doing Nui. I would have told those ungrateful bastards to go stick thier heads where the sun dont shine or the grass doesnt grow, but that would mean they would have won.

Hang in there. It will get better

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