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Originally Posted by warthancer View Post
so, does this mean that zygor guides and dugi guides are breaking the law as well? both are in-game addons and zygor requires an upfront payment and dugi guides is now a pay by the month kind of thing
As far as I'm aware, they use a loophole of sorts. "Pay for the guide and you get a free addon".

Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
Actually, nUI was already written, public and successful before Blizzard implemented that policy. But that's splitting hairs.

That all said, I couldn't disagree with you more. Add-on authors have every right to hope to profit from their work. In the same way that add-on authors for Outlook, Eclipse, or any other popular application with an extensible interface do.

But I'm not interested in delving into that rabbit hole here. None of us are lawyers, though as a professional software engineer by trade, I have a pretty good idea about copyright laws, APIs, etc.
Addon authors have the right to hope for a profit, but, you have to remember that the profit completely relies on Blizzard's approval. They have every right to change their code to not work with your UI, so actively trying to get a profit when the people with the power to stop you want to stop you is akin to running at a wall. I'm mixed on the idea of allowing paid addons, but that's another argument entirely; this is about nUI's being taken down.

Copyright is one thing; but at the end of the day, taking legal action against Blizzard for patching over your addon would essentially be suing them for coding the game in a way you didn't like.
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