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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
Fuzzy math is fuzzy math. The peak *was* over 13 million and it's now less than 7 million or close to it. That's about 50% in my slightly less fuzzy math calculator.

That said, I never said it was due to the add-on policy. I was talking in the broader context of cowing to the whiners... those who want to be able to earn top tier gear without running dungeons, those who want to be able to run a dungeon any time of day or night without actually having to cooperate (or even speak) to other players, I could go on giving examples, but will assume you have sufficient neural capacity to complete the picture.

The bottom line is that a large number of players have been driven away from the game because of the changes in the environment and community that are a direct result of changes in the design and game play that are targeted to those who are less willing to earn success or cooperate in a socially acceptable way with others.

That should not be construed to mean everyone who plays the game. Hell, not even a majority of the people who play the game. Rather, it is a commentary on the general direction of the communities "evolution" (or should that be devolution).

There have been countless e-mails to me affirming that observation as their reason for leaving the game. There are quite a few in these two threads making the same statement.

When corporations forget the community that made them a success and exchange that for a quick buck from an alternate community that has no loyalty to the brand, they have set themselves on the path to ruin.
Ah, yes, I've done a bit more research on it, 12/13 Million was the peak, it seems. My bad.

The community is bad, I've seen as much myself, and I think that the scathing emails you mention in your newsletters are a sign of that. I hate to see how much it's happened, and I do what I can to be a positive part of my realm's community.

I think Blizzard is a contributor, but not the sole cause of the issue. Things like LFR make the community worse, but it has drawn back players as well - myself included. At the end of the day, it is not Blizzard's fault that players act as they do, but that of the players themselves.

When you say the game has been made easier, it has only been easier in the lower difficulties. Heroic modes are still as hard as ever - There are just new ways for players with less skill or time to raid as well. Regardless of how good a player is at wow, there will be a way for him to get into content. That has contributed to the decay of the community, but on a business level, I believe that things like LFR keep more players on the game than the community effects of each of them individually drive away.

I'm off for the night - It's been an interesting conversation and I'm glad to be able to discuss this.
My next reply will be tomorrow, good evening to everyone.

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