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I have been a wow player since launch day... I still play to this day. I have not logged into these forums for ... 5yrs. I have been following this heated debate since it started. I can understand why is Scott frustrated and lashing out. But I think its getting out of hand and everyone needs to take a step back and look at the end game here.

I dont currently use NUI+ anymore because I honestly get bored of interfaces rather quickly and I have moved on, I quite frankly dont remember what NUI looks like, I think I am going to have to find it on Curse and give it a run to remember.

Like Scott I am a software developer, I have a particular product and I have gotten the same flak as Scott has but rather than draw attention or require people to bow before me because I am root... I have an insanely good product, I embrace them all... the nice people with complements and the asshats that hate me, because I rather have 100% of them all than 40%.

I think you, Scott, have a community that loves you and supports you, they (the remaining ones) are not going anywhere. The ones that dont care or have different ideologies have gone, moved to greener pastures.

So instead, of keeping this whole drama, that is clearly starting to take its toll, with Blizzard remaining somewhat neutral and this community shutting you down, why dont you take a step back and do something epic.

For example:

1. Remove the hurdles and continue giving NUI+ for free, without having to ask a buddy or another colleague and without having to kiss babies or do something cool for the community...
2. Support those constituents, YOU want to support, the good people that love you and support you, through your own forums and your own site.
3. Accept Donations, and instead of presenting donations as a way to get NUI+ faster, offer other goodies, because if its true that you have 36,000 subscribers of nui, you can start probably your own wowinterface, or even your own community where all developers are treated fairly and with the respect they deserve.

Remember a Donation is not a rag to tell me to donate, that is begging. Donations have to come because people want them to, with as little as possible advertising.

I know some of my ideas might have been given by others, or might seem wild to you, and even though I dont agree with some of your points, I do understand where you are coming from and I embrace your cause.


To WoWInterface,

I think that you guys are acting with an entitlement that you dont deserve. Scott may not be spearheading this movement, with polish and finesse, but NUI is HIS PRODUCT and quite frankly he can do with it whatever he wants. If there is anybody Scott owes an explanation of sorts is to Blizzard. Because you taking the position of judge and executioner is going to cost you more than its going to cost Scott. I think as long as the product is offered for free like he says it is(and it is, http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/nui), then throwing him to the fire really doesnt show that you guys support and protect your developers... and it really shows bad form.

I am not going to quit WoW Interface, or flip the bird to Scott because I dont agree with some of his views. That would be immature. I have said my peace and I will go retire now out of the same hole I crawled in.

Scott - If you want help with polishing your approach and response hit me up in the pm here and I will reply with my email...

WoWInterface: Grow up. Instead of pushing him out, help him with his grief and help him move forward, not backwards.

Good Luck!


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