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Completly agree

Originally Posted by Fatšl View Post
It never ceases to amaze me that some (not all) but some folks feel that they are entitled to have access to others hard efforts for ummm well FREE. I am and would like to continue my use of nUI, I have to admit that I don’t post much on the forums, but I do from time to time make a voluntary donation at the website.

I look at it this way, I go to work each day I put forth an effort that is in accordance to my compensation. Mr. Piel goes to work every day and I am going to assume that he is compensated accordingly. Then Mr. Piel takes time away from his family and friend’s - time that he could be kicking back drinking a beverage of choice in an attempt to make MY gaming experience better. Why you ask? I really don’t know other than he actually cares about the game and the community.

I am truly disgusted by the constant – you should do this for me for nothing – I am entitled to your hard work for nothing – you should work for me for free – Don’t stop but I don’t want to reward you either. For some of the ass hats out there you would be surprised how far a simple “Thank you for your help you have made my game better!” would go. Trust me that in and of itself is a donation, if nothing more than to let him know his efforts are appreciated. I don’t have any issue with donating some $$$ every once in a while and Mr. Piel has never ask that I donate anything. I guess it is my moral compass that tells me it’s the correct thing to do.

Scott I love your UI I have used it for years, but at this point if you pulled the plug I would completely understand and would still thank you for the years of enjoyment nUI has added to my in game experience.

Thanks again
I whole heartedly agree with Fatal’s post. It seems like more and more people seem to just have this entitled to everything attitude. I see it more and more in game. People want stuff with out having to do anything to deserve it. I completely agree with Scott's stance on this issue. People just don't seem to get it that there are alternatives to making a donation to get full access. I think they just aren't looking at the right way. Maybe look at it like this, just completely forget that you have the option to donate and just look at the different ways to get access. Then throw in the idea that hey if you donate you also get access. I'm just saying that it's another way to try and wrap you mind around it. Just my two cents.

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