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BRAVO to Spiel!!

Ok, here is my two cents on this issue. I have used NUI+ since the day I found it 5 years ago, looking for a better interface to the crappy Blizzard (Vanilla) UI. The thing was a saving grace to what was screen Chaos for me. I told friends about it and even donated a couple of time to the site when it was first created. I remember Scott having issues with his computer and it eventually failing and the community came together to help someone that had given so much to us and this game. That is what a normal functioning community does. We give of ourselves to help others. Scott has been VERY generous in this.

When I read the first email from Scott asking for help for his charity I was a little leery since I deal with a lot of internet scams and such on a professional basis. I left the issue as was and was not going to bother with it, and leave it at that. Then came the emails about the buttheads (to be polite) and the end of NUI support as we knew it. This prompted me to get involved and put my support to Scott.

This country has thrived to be what it is due to the free market. I like anyone I love free things but if we all really sit back and think about it, NOTHING is for free! there is always someone's sweat equity involved in the creation of anything. Now wether or not they ask or require anything of us in return, should be up to them. All Scott has asked for is a little help along the way. Many of us have helped out when and where we could because we recognized that Scott has put MANY MANY hours of time, and much of his own money into the NUI project when he did not have too. He could have and maybe even should have packed his bags, turned his back, and flipped the bird as he walked away. He did not. As any person with any kind of optimism does, he dug his heals in and worked even harder to put out a quality product because he loves his product and the people that use it.

In my eyes All Scott has done is ASKED (Not demanded) us to do from the beginning is to take a bit of time and help something that is going to save all of us in the long run. There is no crime in that and he should be commended for it. But, instead he gets ridiculed and harassed by snotty assed kids that can only think about themselves and nothing else. I have experienced the bratty "I WANT, GIVE ME, I DESERVE, YOU A**, F*** YOU", type of crap in the game and have not played in over a year. Stupid me has kept the subscription hoping that it may get back to what it once was, but have since cancelled, seeing that is has become even worse.

Since the release of Burning Crusades I have seen a major decline in the WoW community and am greatly saddend because I have met and made some really great friends across the country, and the world when the game was for ADULTS. The lack of parental guidance/care is terrible! It does no good to put a Mature/adult only sticker on a box when a parent buys it for their brat anyway. I am a parent of 3 kids and have previewed and approved/denied all games for my kids. If by chance I bought a game that was borderline, I kept control of the game and they were only allowed to play it when I was playing with them, or in the same room with them so I could monitor what was going on. More parents need to do the same.

To Scott I commend you for standing up and putting your foot down to try and put a stop to the abuse!!! Maybe if more of us did, things would change with the youth of today. Sadly, I do not see it happening. I thank you for your years of tireless effort and long nights of coding, personal days off work to fix bugs for us, or to make sure things were up to par for the next patch so that we could play mindless hours of what was once a fun game. I do not know you personally but can see that you have care, compassion, and a love of what you do. If you choose to continue with NUI I wish you the best of luck and hope that Blizzard and WoW Interface can pull their heads out of their butts, see the light and understand that you and other mod programmers like you have every right to stand up for yourselves and do not have to take abuse from some snot nosed kid that could never touch what you do in a heart beat.

To the snot nosed kids that think they deserve everything....you don't!!! Things in life are earned!! And the hardest thing to earn in life is respect unless, you learn how to give it to begin with.

Now I will jump off of my soap box and let the snot run.

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