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Question (Relatively) simple script help

Hi all,

VERY knowledgeable forum here! Hoping you guys can help.

Link to post on official wow forums:https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/...?page=1#post-3

Text of that post here in case you don't want to click over:

Addon AutoVendor allows me to add/remove things from a list of 'safe to vendor' items. Anything on this list is automatically vendored for me.

To get items on this list is manual, by typing "/av junk " and then shift clicking the item, which adds the item name, and pressing enter.

Example "/av junk [Pygmy Oil]" will add it to the list.

One note is that you cannot simply TYPE the [Pygmy Oil], it must be an item link.

What I want is to create a macro where I can hover over the item, press the macro button, and have it type out the "/av junk " and link the item I'm hovered over.

I didn't get much help from that forum (Not sure why I thought I would), so I'm hoping you guys can assist.

Is what I want to do even possible?
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