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Originally Posted by Fizzlemizz View Post
Given those images are showing the talent trees and addons aren't by default enabled in the Classic demo, I'm not sure what you are using to create your version.

We have been told the the Classic UI API will be based on the current (BfA) systems so whatever work you've done may well not work with Classic live. On the other hand anything created in BfA should work in Classic when it goes live with exception to the changes in the bar/bag possibly some other frame layouts if you're just re-skinning the default UI.

Actually, the UI in the Classic demo is marked as version 70300
Its a texture replacement. It also worked pretty flawlessly. Everything is installed directly into interface not addons. Also, the talent trees were very much on. You could use talent points from level 15-19 you just couldn't train or go anywhere other than the barrens or Westfall. The version I am creating, was used in the original release of AI-Art for BC many moons ago. I have gone through since Blizzcon enabled the demo and made sure to fix any issues I could see in that short amount of time. Those pictures are from 1.13, their demo. Its on the title screen shot I put in the album, I had a lot of images from screenshots which is why I showed one preview item, and linked the album:

While we were theorizing about how it worked and will work rofl, Ai-Art worked fine:

(had to edit out video link will do a proper youtube vid in a minute)
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