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Question How to: Use Fitzcairn's Explain-o-matic source code

Fitzcairn's Explain-O-Matic
I typically test my macros on the Fitzcairn's macro Explain-o-matic - unfortunately, the site seems to have run into technical difficulties recently becoming unavailable which sucks considering it was my go-to tool for experimenting with, -and testing new macros!

I hope it's temporary but it's been unavailable for more than a week at this point....
Fitzcairn made the source code of the "Explain-o-matic" available for download on Github.... Unfortunately I have no idea how to actually use it, what is required to use it or even if it the source is usable "Out-of-the-box"!?

Can you run it on a local machine/local server environment like ex. XAMP or WAMP?
---> If yes, what programming language(s) support does it require to work?
---> If not, how is the source code intended for use?

Since I've often found the users here on Wowinterface to be helpful as well as knowledgeable, I thought I'd ask in here in the hopes that someone would know and be willing to help, -and if not perhaps point me in the direction of finding more information.

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